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Au Revoir to

Hello dear friends! Merci (thank you) for an amazing five years. This little site started out as a spin-off venture from my web design studies in 2010. Since then has surpassed my expectations with your views, feedback, support and projects. It has been a pleasure curating content that was intended to be a […]

Why Geek is Chic in 2014

In the 90s super brainy and socially awkward Steve Urkel from the TV sitcom Family Matters was considered the quintessential geek, a character that none of the cool kids in school aspired to be. According to the Oxford Dictionary a geek is defined as, “An unfashionable or socially inept person” or a knowledgeable and obsessive […]

Seattle’s International District: Shopping Under One Roof

For those who like a one-stop-shop experience, the Uwajimaya Village is a centralized shopping centre offering everything from produce and fresh pastries to beauty and electronic items sourced from various parts of Asia, with a majority produced in Japan. The market stocks competitively priced (to those of the prices in Vancouver, BC) products imported from all […]

Home Style Finds on a Vintage Walk

Need a little home decor inspiration? If you’re tired of driving from one box furniture store to another, why not take a stroll down a vintage neighbourhood to find ideas and unique pieces that will reflect your personal style and character? Take New Westminster’s Antique Alley, it’s a nice little stroll with a number of […]

Creative Holiday Gifting Ideas For Everyone

Whether you’re managing a holiday budget or in search of that illusive token of appreciation for the person-who-has-everything, these gift-giving ideas will help inspire you to get a little creative and touch the hearts of those you’re appreciating. Personalized Gifting Engraving, monogramming, or any way you can think of to incorporate the recipient’s name, initials, […]

Simply Italian – Simply Scrumptious

Grazie to Nicli Antica Pizzeria for one of the best Italian restaurant experiences I have had since my last trip to the shoe shaped continent, one of my favorite destinations (both for footwear and food consumption). If you’re wondering where to find uber thin crust pizza the way it’s made in Italy, you have to […]

Fall/Winter 2012/2013 Style Notes

It seems the summer got away from the west coast, and yes I have already been curating fall wardrobe obsessions already. For the style conscious, more international options can be expected. Also, see how beauty gets social and a retro favorite trends again this fall, time to dig through your closets for those tartan favorites. […]

One Steamy Little Tea House

Five years ago, Nolan Cockburn, found himself a little bored and picked up some tea. Admiring their labels, he noticed the way teas were described much like fine vintage wines, full of body and character. Since his introduction into the tea world then, he has been hooked. Inspired to bring his idea of tea drinking […]

Macarons and Tea at Soirette

Once an exclusively French confection, macarons have now been embraced by the Vancouver marketplace. It has been slowly introduced by a select few pastry and tea shops around town (such as the Urban Tea Merchant and later on at Faubourg, the Bel Cafe, and Thierry) as a feature offering. But for those of you who […]

New Retailers Blooming In Vancouver This Spring

Tired of border lineups for some of your favorite chain store finds? Though, I encourage supporting local retail and design, at some point or another we’re all tempted by the deals and diverse styles of international brands. Given this notion, you might save some time checking out some of these fine retailers in town this […]