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Spring Inspirations

For the mind, body and spirit, I share with you five sources of inspiration that I have discovered/rediscovered recently: 1. Compassion and commerce – Karen Armstrong – how business leaders can create and empower a culture of understanding, despite differences, that not only supports their own livelihood, but can uphold the dominoes that make up […]

Embracing Life and Love For Beginners

Does the Oscar buzz finally have you curious about less mainstream films? It’s not a Hollywood blockbuster after all and it’s not a big budget film, but the writing and casting is superb. Follow Mike Mills as he unravels this beautifully crafted story that is based on his own true tale. Oliver,played by Ewan McGregor, […]

Seattle’s Secrets Series: One Person’s Germs is Another Person’s Art?

Seeing is believing, so is smelling, as the waft of cotton candy and bubble gum hits the senses long before the wall is in sight. Named one of the germiest attractions in the world, Seattle’s Gum Wall continues to grow inches thick as the theatre’s patrons and passersby add to the growing gum collection in […]

Good Art Direction Goes a Long Way in Storytelling

Great examples of Direction and Art Direction in a video are found in Gustav Johansson and Albin Holmqvist’s brilliant series for EF Languages. Storytelling is paramount in brand building. In my case, I should start thinking about those DELF 4 courses right about now and London is calling my name for a vacation […]

Mobile Award Winning Short Film: A Love Story

A multi-talented writer and director, JW Griffiths, has taken over the small screen with his big screen ideas as the winner of Nokia’s short film competition 2011 (all filmed on the Nokia N8 mobile phone). Really nice work with the use of the effect as entitled, “Splitscreen: A Love Story.”

Ozon’s Potiche (Trophy Wife) – Fun and Witty

This recently distributed festival favorite got my attention. Catherine Deneuve plays 70’s trophy wife, Madame Pujol heiress to her father’s fortune. The reins of the family business are passed on to  Monsieur Pujol who, amidst a worker’s union uprising at the factory, is captured and suffers a heart attack. What is a homemaker to do? […]

Bright Star: An Epic Romance

Every holiday season I like to kick back and enjoy a few good movies, either new blockbuster hits or recent foreign films. To catch up, I selected Bright Star, a British film directed by New Zealand native Jane Campion. Selected for the Festival De Cannes and the Toronto Film Festival, it didn’t disappoint. An appropriate […]

Echoes of the Rainbow Q & A with Director Alex Law

Directors and producers of the films presented at the Vancouver International Film Festival were on hand at the screenings to share behind the scenes tidbits about their labors of love. Hong Kong Director, Alex Law, was no exception. Here’s what he had to say about the making of his Oscar nominated film: Q: What inspired […]

Echoes of the Rainbow: Wit and Sorrow in the 60’s

Set in 1960’s colonial Hong Kong, Director, Alex Law, tells a semi-autobiographical tale through the eyes of the Eight year-old character, Jin-Er, nicknamed “Big Ears.” His father is a cobbler and together the family live and work out of their shop. A curious little boy, Big Ears enjoys stealing things from his neighbours and is […]

Fine Cinema – Io sono l’amore – I Am Love

I marveled Luca Guadagnino’s direction of this beautiful piece. It truly was a feast of symbolism for the mind and cinematic candy for the eyes. Amidst the pans of the camera, through dream like sequences, wonderfully lit backdrops and intentionally dark ominous scenes, the viewer becomes a witness to the Rechhi family’s story. As the […]