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Strategies for the Year Ahead

After reviewing the results of last year’s plans, I’m looking at the New Year as a new chapter, new goals to establish and carrying over some from the previous year. Advising a friend of mine who was searching for a way forward, having suffered a huge loss in 2014, I had this to say about […]

The 4 Week Challenge: Volunteerism & Community

Putting thoughts and words to action is what volunteering is about, it’s a way to uplift a community, a chance to become part of a solution. From April 21st to April 27th, Canadians across the country are celebrating National Volunteer Week (NWW). Volunteering should be fun and be a way to contribute to professional development, […]

What I Learned From Oprah

“I know many of you grew up with me! Some of you started watching when you were 10 with your mothers and now some of you are mothers yourself (laughingly, Oprah mentioned that this was an indicator for her to stop doing the Oprah show, which aired as the top rated daytime talk show for […]

Pearl of the Orient Exhibit Tantalizes Lego Lovers and World Travelers

It’s almost a nostalgic feel when viewing the show home of a typical Hong Kong 60s flat and the glass cases of models, displaying everything from food carts to  dolls dressed in the evolving Cathay Pacific uniforms. Photographers will enjoy black and white images of a bygone era reflecting Hong Kong culture and times. While […]

What Have You Done for Your Loved One Lately?

Mother’s day is upon us in many parts of the world, so it begs the question, what have you done for your mom lately? Or, better yet, what have you done for a loved one lately? Take a moment to think about the joy that the special person in your life, whether it’s your mother, […]

New Retailers Blooming In Vancouver This Spring

Tired of border lineups for some of your favorite chain store finds? Though, I encourage supporting local retail and design, at some point or another we’re all tempted by the deals and diverse styles of international brands. Given this notion, you might save some time checking out some of these fine retailers in town this […]

Getting Crafty About Party Planning

Planning a party? Where do you begin? Does every occasion need a theme? How do I stay within budget? You’re probably having a migraine just thinking about it. Not to fret, as a communicator who has planned events from the corporate kind to special soirees for my friends, I’ve got 3 creative and simple tips. […]

Chinese New Year Is All About the Food

Why just enjoy the traditional Chinese cuisine during the Chinese New Year when you can experience a much celebrated multicultural feast? Korean supermarket chain, HMart, celebrates its 4th store’s grand opening at Aberdeen Centre in Richmond just in time to ring the year of the dragon. While those celebrating an infusion of the new year […]

♥ in the Year of the Dragon

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, what better time to play cupid then at a Chinese New Year’s (CNY) event? You read right, as a Chinese yenta of sorts I’ll be the wing woman to my best gal pal, Ethel*, helping her find Mr. Right. Guess which one of these CNY events do you think […]

Year of the Dragon Celebrations Around the World

If you could celebrate Chinese New Year’s anywhere in the world where would you like to experience the excitement and international flavor of this festival? Allow me to share with you vibrant celebration ideas from some of my favorite cities and destinations on my bucket list. In Sydney, Australia, they’ll be kicking off the party […]