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Strategies for the Year Ahead

After reviewing the results of last year’s plans, I’m looking at the New Year as a new chapter, new goals to establish and carrying over some from the previous year. Advising a friend of mine who was searching for a way forward, having suffered a huge loss in 2014, I had this to say about […]

Why Geek is Chic in 2014

In the 90s super brainy and socially awkward Steve Urkel from the TV sitcom Family Matters was considered the quintessential geek, a character that none of the cool kids in school aspired to be. According to the Oxford Dictionary a geek is defined as, “An unfashionable or socially inept person” or a knowledgeable and obsessive […]

The Connoisseur’s Fall Reading List

I may be one of the last dinosaurs around who enjoys the smell of freshly delivered journals and hardcover books, remember those? I can’t but help appreciate the tangible labours of love that writers spent their lives to create. And while I use iPads, I still feel most comfortable curled up on the sofa with […]

Profiling A Non-Profit Buzz Generator

Passionate about design, events, and social issues, Antonio Smith, found the perfect marriage of creativity and socializing for non-profits in Socializing For Social Change (S4SC) over a year ago. Notable projects he promoted include: Global Music Project, Keep a Breast Canada and Global Health Month in Seattle. Antonio started off his career in Graphic Design […]

Night Markets New and Old

Like every North American coastal city, summer in Vancouver is synonymous with ferris wheels, cotton candy and mini-donuts (Playland). But, did you know that Vancouver is also famed for it’s fusion of the east and west with night markets? The May long weekend (Victoria Day) marks the summer long tradition of the Asian inspired night […]

Spring Inspirations

For the mind, body and spirit, I share with you five sources of inspiration that I have discovered/rediscovered recently: 1. Compassion and commerce – Karen Armstrong – how business leaders can create and empower a culture of understanding, despite differences, that not only supports their own livelihood, but can uphold the dominoes that make up […]

Spring Clean Your Apps

Spring is synonymous with new beginnings and renewals of the preloved things everyone has. Of course this is when you might start thinking about cleaning out the closet for a new spring wardrobe or cleaning your winter sports gear before storing it away. Since you’re at it, perhaps now is the perfect time to take […]

The Connection Factor

Have you ever had the best intentions of helping someone only to realize that your contribution wasn’t so helpful? But, in the process you and the person you were trying to help learned more than you imagined you would? Having failed miserably as a wing woman over the Chinese New Year, I realized the power […]

♥ in the Year of the Dragon

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, what better time to play cupid then at a Chinese New Year’s (CNY) event? You read right, as a Chinese yenta of sorts I’ll be the wing woman to my best gal pal, Ethel*, helping her find Mr. Right. Guess which one of these CNY events do you think […]

TEDx Vancouver 2011 – Events Worth Attending

I missed out on TEDx Vancouver last year, but this year I took the plunge and sent in my application and was so glad I did. For every innovator, creator, change agent, strategist and influencer, I highly recommend it. TEDx draws local ideologists from a multitude of disciplines and backgrounds together to perpetuate the exchange […]