Monthly Archives: January 2010

A Je Ne Sais Quoi About Starbucks

I believe the consistency of its drinks is what keeps me coming back. My friends jokingly call me the Starbucks GPS as I seem to find the locations easily in every town I have visited. There was no exception when I was in Switzerland and traveling through Europe and Hong Kong. It’s really comforting to […]

Bringing in the New Year

I wasn’t expecting to do much this New Year’s, but when my relatives invited me to the Fraser Downs Racetrack for their holiday brunch, I figured why not? I should get this new year off to a running start. I had just made my way back over the pond and this celebration was certainly a […]

Simple Pleasures and Balance

Life is exhilarating, perpetuating and ever-evolving, never boring. Through life’s accomplishments, challenges and other works-in-progress, Connoisseur de la Vie seeks out balance and inspiration through life’s simple pleasures and reflections. I hope to share these ideas and pleasures with creative and curious individuals who have a passion for life and its journey. Let it amuse, […]