Monthly Archives: October 2010

West Coast Law Enforcement Memorabilia Show

Constable Mah (Event Organizer) and law enforcement insignia exhibitors gathered at Burnaby’s Shadbolt Centre for the Arts for the inaugural West Coast Law Enforcement Memorabilia Show in the Greater Vancouver Area. Enforcement officers and collectors from as far as Washington State and Alberta attended this day long event.

Divine Desserts at Capstone Tea & Fondu

Invited to savor some of this season’s lineup of desserts, I am sharing with you some tasty highlights from a few of Capstone’s latest creations. Capstone is a modern tea house that offers fine tea based beverages and fusion desserts. Capstone Tea & Fondu has locations in Downtown Vancouver and Prince George.

Dim Sum in the Most Unexpected Place…

Canada Place that is. I haven’t had the chance to try the food yet. However, I was surprised to see this establishment in the area. It seems odd, yet so accessible. Evoked by fond memories of trips abroad where street food is part of everyday life, I couldn’t be more pleased. If you haven’t already […]

Echoes of the Rainbow Q & A with Director Alex Law

Directors and producers of the films presented at the Vancouver International Film Festival were on hand at the screenings to share behind the scenes tidbits about their labors of love. Hong Kong Director, Alex Law, was no exception. Here’s what he had to say about the making of his Oscar nominated film: Q: What inspired […]

Echoes of the Rainbow: Wit and Sorrow in the 60’s

Set in 1960’s colonial Hong Kong, Director, Alex Law, tells a semi-autobiographical tale through the eyes of the Eight year-old character, Jin-Er, nicknamed “Big Ears.” His father is a cobbler and together the family live and work out of their shop. A curious little boy, Big Ears enjoys stealing things from his neighbours and is […]

Medina Café – Legendary Lavender Latte

Located in Crosstown Vancouver on 556 Beatty Street, this brunch spot is an inconspicuous haven of fresh, mouth watering waffles and artisanal beverages. My favorite drink pick is Medina’s lavender latte. Their breakfast and brunch options are well presented, delicious and hearty. Le Canard Confit est magnifique! The cafe is nicely outfitted with exposed wood […]

Fine Cinema – Io sono l’amore – I Am Love

I marveled Luca Guadagnino’s direction of this beautiful piece. It truly was a feast of symbolism for the mind and cinematic candy for the eyes. Amidst the pans of the camera, through dream like sequences, wonderfully lit backdrops and intentionally dark ominous scenes, the viewer becomes a witness to the Rechhi family’s story. As the […]