Monthly Archives: February 2011

How Low-Tech Tools Shape High-Tech Results

It’s no big secret, I am a fan of sticky notes. Many colleagues and friends have noted my intense passion for this low-tech tool, as my work space is constantly decorated with brightly colored messages. I have been asked why it is that I would need these seemingly insignificant bits of paper when I have […]

Anti-Bullying Message Continues to Go Viral

Today is Pink Shirt Day across Canada. The message of this special occasion is zero tolerance for bullying in our society, from playgrounds to the workplace. Show your support for the cause by wearing a pink shirt today. In January, led by school administrators, Mette Hamaguchi and Darren Mitzell, students from David Lloyd George Elementary […]

Local Apps: A Foodie’s Dream

Craving for a burrito or Japadog? The lunch hour crowd got you in a rush?  In need of caffeine on the go? Some of Vancouver’s latest apps for your smartphone could come to the rescue. With a diverse choice of street food now available, thanks to the City’s initiative that started last year (learn more […]

Image Gallery from BC Spirit Day

Photos celebrating the anniversary of the Winter Olympic Games, also dubbed “BC Spirit Day.” Curious about our Canadian ambassadors? Learn more about Captain and Mrs. Canada.

Celebrate the Olympic Spirit One Year Later

Just one year ago Vancouverites and visitors joined together to support athletes around the world as the city hosted its most memorable event. Now celebrations are in preparation across the Lower Mainland for the one year anniversary of the Winter Games. The official kick off to this commemorative occasion is Saturday, February 12th with events […]

Valentine’s Day – Something For Everyone

For those with a special someone in mind for a romantic gesture on cupid’s day, hopefully you have picked up a box of chocolates, submitted flower orders and/or made reservations already. If not, you could be panicking very soon unless of course you are highly creative. For singles, don’t fret, you have just as much […]

Social Media Timeline

Speaking to a fellow communications professional today, we struck up a conversation about social media and how it fit in with our industry and lives at large. As a social media strategist and blogger it got me thinking about where we were with this notion of social media in the not so distant past. One […]