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Social Studies Show the Power of Social Media

As mentioned in a previous post, I have been an experiential witness to the evolution of social media and I have always had a keen fascination for the user experience and the effects of new media. Because of this, I find Eric Qualman’s video of social media statistics rather enticing. If it’s all true, it […]

When Was the Last Time You Helped a Stranger?

Small Acts of Kindness Leading to Altrusim A recent weekend ago, I unexpectedly stumbled into a vortex of social interactivity. Such as my life, instead of denying it, I just went with the serendipity of it all and have found immense enjoyment and opportunities for personal growth. But, sometimes amidst the busy life all of […]

Canuck Fan Gallery

Game 7 Draws Canuck Sized Crowds

Say Cheese! The Value in Smiling

The latest TED Talk by Ron Gutmun got me thinking about the value of a smile, not so much the monetary or chocolate equivalent Ron so humorously pointed out, but rather the chain effect quality it has on oneself and others. When you think about how little effort it takes to smile, why don’t people […]

10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Lord Stanley and His Cup

1. Lord Stanley of Preston (Frederick Arthur Stanley), AKA Earl of Derby, was the 6th Governor General of Canada. 2. His love of hockey was inspired by his children’s enthusiasm for the game and his own love of sport. 3. Originally the cup was dedicated for amateur Canadian hockey competitions in 1892. 4. 1910 was […]

Canucks Playoffs Brings the Olympic Sized Crowds Back to Vancouver

  Many of us have our game day superstitions. Maybe, I should just speak for myself. I have banned myself from watching any of the playoff games live. Scoreboard watching and highlights allowed. Why? I have never watched a game where the Canucks have won (sorry guys), whether it be at the arena or at […]