Monthly Archives: July 2011

Seattle’s Secrets Series: One Person’s Germs is Another Person’s Art?

Seeing is believing, so is smelling, as the waft of cotton candy and bubble gum hits the senses long before the wall is in sight. Named one of the germiest attractions in the world, Seattle’s Gum Wall continues to grow inches thick as the theatre’s patrons and passersby add to the growing gum collection in […]

Life is Too Short For Bad Coffee And…

My favorite brunch spot (Medina on Beatty in Downtown Vancouver) so happened to have a sign I adore . Other than coffee, what is life too short for? 1. Those who aren’t compassionate or know how to love 2. A lack of style (no matter how subjective that may be) 3. Being stuck (trying to […]

Good Art Direction Goes a Long Way in Storytelling

Great examples of Direction and Art Direction in a video are found in Gustav Johansson and Albin Holmqvist’s brilliant series for EF Languages. Storytelling is paramount in brand building. In my case, I should start thinking about those DELF 4 courses right about now and London is calling my name for a vacation […]

Mobile Award Winning Short Film: A Love Story

A multi-talented writer and director, JW Griffiths, has taken over the small screen with his big screen ideas as the winner of Nokia’s short film competition 2011 (all filmed on the Nokia N8 mobile phone). Really nice work with the use of the effect as entitled, “Splitscreen: A Love Story.”

Trending in Twitter this Weekend

The day after the Canada Day celebrations, Vancouverites are still chatting about the festivities. Perhaps the royal visit has prolonged the buzz, but no matter the occassion you’ll be sure to see NHL news in the ranks when a top free agent signs a lucrative deal. Predictions for other trending topics this weekend: 1. Border […]