Monthly Archives: August 2011

Do You Think It’s A Sign?

I enjoy good design, from elegant couture to stylish furnishings and all kitschy things in between that have character. I love the advent of LCDs and electronic signage too. But, sometimes in order to get to a good core design idea, I have to get back to the basics and that might mean looking at […]

Angela-Jane McCleod’s Pastry Passion

Pastry Chef, Angela-Jane McCleod (of Toronto’s trendy Blowfish Restaurant’s acclaim), dropped by Vancouver this week, and I caught up with her to chat about the baked life, while munching on some delectably yummy home made treats. At 21, Angela’s managed to amass an impressive collection of pastry portfolio pieces under her baking black belt. Since […]

Seattle’s Secrets Series: The Baked Variety

Seattle might be known for its coffee industry, but there are probably just as many bakeries offering toasty warm goods to accompany your Seattle’s Best. Here are a couple of shops worth a visit if you ever find yourself in Downtown Seattle: Dahlia Bakery – Best Breakfast – Delectable croissants and breakfast sandwiches on the […]

Seattle’s Secrets Series: For the Love of Shoes!

Quite frankly, shoe heaven is really in Italy, maybe France, perhaps London. Anywhere west of Europe and your quality options become limited. But, it’s never stopped me from trying to locate the shoe havens and trends of other regions. Take Nordstrom, with their anniversary sale starting midway in July, it provides access to Fall’s trends […]