Monthly Archives: September 2011

Organic Inspiration

The perfect marriage of culture, art, and organic inspiration, as a result of passion and resilience. If only we should all be so lucky, right? Louie’s message: have courage, fear of failure is what sets us back from success.

Locally Inspired Home Decor Ideas

Either way you can’t go wrong if you are looking for something different to adorn those drab and bare walls. Lately, I have been scouring seasonal home sales, furniture catalogs and novelty gift stores for home decor ideas. Images of strolls in the Montmartre artists square in the summer inspired me to look into my […]

My Organized Self

In a matter of a couple of somewhat scheduled weeks, trip planning and weather that can’t make up its mind I’ve ended up sprawling my wardrobe into my living space. I know it’s hard to believe considering I’m so compartmentally conscious. To get myself started on the road to organizational recovery I’ve scoured the internet […]