Monthly Archives: October 2011

From Packing Challenged to Packing Expert

Laughed and gawked at by professional travelers in my circle, I’m guilty for being the one who packs two suitcases and ends up with three returning from a 4 day trip, so this is no small feat for me. With the latest luggage regulations, I’ll just have to learn to cut back (sorry guys, souvenirs […]

Fab Fare at the Fray

I couldn’t feel more at home with Fray on Fraser’s menu. My favorite new addiction: Portobello fries, and love the classic Fray burger, perfectly portioned and lightly flavored without the greasy spoon feeling. The salads are creative, crisp and flavorful. Chef Antonio Martin really takes pride in sourcing local and organic ingredients, the signature of […]

Thankful For Having My Cake and Eating It Too: Apple Squares Recipe

I’m thankful for good friends, family, teachers, health, productivity and all good things in life. In honor of the Steve Jobs in this world who have influenced our lives and as a symbol of a bountiful harvest we tend to celebrate around this time of year, sharing these legendary apples squares seems fitting. Tools: 1 […]

Remembering a Tech Legend: Steve Jobs and His Legacy

Steve Jobs leaves behind more than just the Mac or the iPhone or i-anything. A visionary, who was ahead of his time, his legacy is that of an inventor, innovator and influencer, not only through the technology he designed, but also his concepts, ideas and his focus on human behavior (and how it would shape […]