Monthly Archives: November 2011

London Gold

For culture enthusiasts, London is a playground like no other. There are a lot of sites that talk about it already, so I’ll digress here. My personal recommendation would be Time Out. Of the fascinating cultural landmarks I’ve perused, one rare must see opportunity would be the London 2012 medals at the famed British Museum.

Falling In ♥ With London Continued: Foodies Unite!

Guilty of not having had fish and chips even once, I found myself drowning in food options. Some hot and some not, but as the Connoisseur is all about things inspiring, let’s focus on the positives, plenty here. My recommendation per day of visit: Day 1 – Tasty Indian dishes for a late dinner to […]

TEDx Vancouver 2011 – Events Worth Attending

I missed out on TEDx Vancouver last year, but this year I took the plunge and sent in my application and was so glad I did. For every innovator, creator, change agent, strategist and influencer, I highly recommend it. TEDx draws local ideologists from a multitude of disciplines and backgrounds together to perpetuate the exchange […]

Falling ♥ In With London: Getting Around

So, I had an advantage being centrally located by the Victoria Station hub at the Lime Tree Hotel. As my realtor uncle would say “location, location, location” (also the moniker of one of my favorite British TV programs on Ch. 4).  I found London to be fairly easy to navigate, easier than the square grid […]

Falling In ♥ With London: Accomodations With Soul – Lime Tree Hotel

  London. What started off as a check mark to my bucket list has quickly turned into one of my favorite travel destinations, thanks to the hospitality and cozy accommodations at the Lime Tree. Ranked in the top 20 of Trip Advisor’s B&B list, the Lime Tree Hotel is centrally located to many attractions (Buckingham […]

Favorite Food Ideas for the Fall

  The Summer/Fall farmer’s markets in Vancouver have now drawn to a close, my favorite is the local Trout Lake location.  But, have no fear, the Winter Farmer’s Market returns to the Nat Baily Stadium this weekend, more information can be found at Squash has been a favorite ingredient of mine as of late, […]

Back From Buckingham

The Queen would have been proud of the British hospitality I experienced on my London visit at the end of October. My trip was inspiring and reflective. Since my return I’ve been under the weather and am hopeful that I’ll be in good form to catch up with everyone about the comforts of London soon. […]