Monthly Archives: January 2012

Chinese New Year Is All About the Food

Why just enjoy the traditional Chinese cuisine during the Chinese New Year when you can experience a much celebrated multicultural feast? Korean supermarket chain, HMart, celebrates its 4th store’s grand opening at Aberdeen Centre in Richmond just in time to ring the year of the dragon. While those celebrating an infusion of the new year […]

♥ in the Year of the Dragon

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, what better time to play cupid then at a Chinese New Year’s (CNY) event? You read right, as a Chinese yenta of sorts I’ll be the wing woman to my best gal pal, Ethel*, helping her find Mr. Right. Guess which one of these CNY events do you think […]

Year of the Dragon Celebrations Around the World

If you could celebrate Chinese New Year’s anywhere in the world where would you like to experience the excitement and international flavor of this festival? Allow me to share with you vibrant celebration ideas from some of my favorite cities and destinations on my bucket list. In Sydney, Australia, they’ll be kicking off the party […]

Resolutions or Choices?

Are new year’s resolutions just choices wrapped up in annual clothing that we declare we will wear for as long as it remains fashionable or until we reach our lifestyle goals? A joyous occassion, the new year is a time where you get the chance to do it all over again whether or not you […]

Thank You 2011 – Welcome 2012!

Descending from the highs of Vancouver 2010, 2011 was an unexpected year of equally exciting moments in food, travel, events, media and all things inspiring. Some moments were influenced by world changing occurrences while others were grown locally here in my own kitchen. Here are the top 5 categories of posts viewed by many of […]