Monthly Archives: March 2012

Spring Inspirations

For the mind, body and spirit, I share with you five sources of inspiration that I have discovered/rediscovered recently: 1. Compassion and commerce – Karen Armstrong – how business leaders can create and empower a culture of understanding, despite differences, that not only supports their own livelihood, but can uphold the dominoes that make up […]

Spring Clean Your Apps

Spring is synonymous with new beginnings and renewals of the preloved things everyone has. Of course this is when you might start thinking about cleaning out the closet for a new spring wardrobe or cleaning your winter sports gear before storing it away. Since you’re at it, perhaps now is the perfect time to take […]

Getting Crafty About Party Planning

Planning a party? Where do you begin? Does every occasion need a theme? How do I stay within budget? You’re probably having a migraine just thinking about it. Not to fret, as a communicator who has planned events from the corporate kind to special soirees for my friends, I’ve got 3 creative and simple tips. […]

Local Comfort Food Hot Spot: Crème de la Crumb

A commuter’s institution, Crème de la Crumb is an excellent pit stop for prêt à manger breakfast and lunch staples. Let the waft of the vanilla bean aroma of sumptuous cream cheese icing atop the soft cinnamon buns lure you into this gourmet boutique. Friendly distractions include butter scones, gourmet sandwiches, artisan soups and toasty beverages.  […]