Monthly Archives: April 2012

Be A Tourist For a Day

I’m a huge fan of playing tourist for a day in my own city. Finding undiscovered institutions and appreciating the obvious landmarks is a joy. This curious habit has allowed me to acclimatize quickly to living in other parts of the world and to rediscover the gems of my hometown. With newly renovated and expanded […]

Beautiful Backyard Walks of Vancouver

Tourist in your Own city You don’t have to be a hiker to enjoy the beauty of the city, that’s the best part. No equipment required, except a camera for all those beautiful photos you’ll want to take of Van city’s best landscapes. Often people take what is in their backyard for granted. Yet, hundreds […]

New Retailers Blooming In Vancouver This Spring

Tired of border lineups for some of your favorite chain store finds? Though, I encourage supporting local retail and design, at some point or another we’re all tempted by the deals and diverse styles of international brands. Given this notion, you might save some time checking out some of these fine retailers in town this […]

Simple Homemade Maple Treats

A local friend of mine who has lived abroad for years now returned for a visit recently. In search for familiar comforts to bring back to his home afar, we ended up at the maple aisle at a local grocer. If you are like me, perhaps you’ve forgotten about, or just taken for granted of, […]