Monthly Archives: September 2012

Autumn Transition: Recycle, Repurpose and Resell

As I recently tweeted, there’s no denying that autumn is here. Transitioning my wardrobe from storage to closet space, semi-annually, has been my latest project. As a result, I’ve finally let go of clothes that I’ve hung on to for the past decade and more recent, cute-at-the-time, items that just no longer fit my lifestyle. […]

Profiling A Non-Profit Buzz Generator

Passionate about design, events, and social issues, Antonio Smith, found the perfect marriage of creativity and socializing for non-profits in Socializing For Social Change (S4SC) over a year ago. Notable projects he promoted include: Global Music Project, Keep a Breast Canada and Global Health Month in Seattle. Antonio started off his career in Graphic Design […]

Organic Sushi – Healthy Alternative Favorite

Vancouver’s Shizenya, though not the first sushi house to use brown rice for the health conscious, definitely paves the way for the use of quality organic ingredients, minus the use of oil or MSG. The result is lighter tasting fare that brings out the real essence of each of its dishes. The use of brown […]