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Beaucoup Bakery & Cafe’s Croissant Affair

The name of this cozy bakery and cafe is already a dead giveaway of its French influence of pastries and coffee. But, what makes this establishment extra special is its mix of Euro-styled iron and marble interiors with regionally sourced ingredients, from syrups to coffee. It doesn’t stop there, if you’re looking for a special […]

What’s Up and Coming

Posting soon on, you’ll find: A scrumptious review infused with French influences Travel essentials And much more. Thanks for stopping by.

Xiao Lung Bao Quest: A Greater Vancouver Contender

Given the freshness and quality of ingredients for the price point, Shanghai Morning Restaurant of Richmond, BC is a contender for XLB eateries in the west. It mimics more of the authentic experience but with flavours that are subtle with sizable buns enveloping a large portion of soup with every bite. But, I’ll let you […]