Monthly Archives: November 2013

5 Questions to Define Your Brand

Who are you? What is your brand? These are seemingly simple questions, yet one that stumbles many. Why? These are often thought as generally loaded queries (as it can lead to further self-questioning of competency), leading people to overthink their professional identity. It got me thinking about how much easier the process is when determining […]

Seattle’s International District: Shopping Under One Roof

For those who like a one-stop-shop experience, the Uwajimaya Village is a centralized shopping centre offering everything from produce and fresh pastries to beauty and electronic items sourced from various parts of Asia, with a majority produced in Japan. The market stocks competitively priced (to those of the prices in Vancouver, BC) products imported from all […]

Seattle’s International District: The Best Roll Here

Deep in the bowels of Seattle’s International District on South Jackson Street, amidst one of many Asian strip malls, I discovered the Tamarind Tree. It’s a Vietnamese restaurant that locals recommend and frequent, as evident with lineups at 1:30pm on a Saturday afternoon. I order the standard from every Vietnamese menu, spring rolls and some […]