Regaining Creative Mojo

Girl sitting at a hotel lounge reading the local paper, learning about the local sceneI found myself at a loss for words, imagery and playful thought early this spring. It was a frustrating experience. Stemming from a busy period of commitments, guilt was weighing heavily on my mind. I needed to spend more time with my family, find some proverbial balance. As it turns out, the gift that frustration provided for my problem-solver-self, was the opportunity to find ways to bring my creative juices back. So what did I do?

Travel – A view of the world from a tangible, yet different, perspective often leads to an enhanced appreciation for the life around us. A lot of the time it leads to the next t0-do on this list. I’ve done weekend road trips that so happened to help me with my last couple of blog posts for instance.

Learn – After attending a technology workshop recently, I felt energized to setup self-development goals for the next five years. Informal or formal versions of learning can be humbling and rewarding, opening up the mind to new ideas professionally and personally, a great exercise for the brain and idea generation.

Give Back – Share what you learn with others, literally and in application. Volunteer work is a great way to give back, share and gain insights into different worlds. My recent online volunteer research experience with the UN has brought so much perspective in working with others across the globe, it helped me develop more empathy and allowed me to view time and resources from a whole other angle.

Connect – Staying in touch with your tribe of supporters, teachers and relatives. Send a quick email or text to say hello, greeting cards are always a nice gesture as well. Meeting for a brief coffee or lunch outing can fit easily into any schedule too. Reading responses from my heart-felt messages to social groups or friends always opens up meaningful internal and external dialogues.

Take Care – It would be such a waste to have creative juices without a vessel to hold and dispense. Regular exercise (even if it’s just merely more walking, see my last post about how I did this with my FitBit), eating well and getting sufficient rest is necessary for a body and mind to be at its optimum. I should be one to speak about this, but trying can only reap benefits, why not?

Whether its seeing the world form a different lens, picking up new ideas, sharing gifts, making connections or trying to stay in shape, disrupting life always brings back creativity without fail. It’s not to say that all of the above has to be undertaken to get there, sometimes just one break from the routine will do. It’s a different kind of busy, one that leads to more creative productivity and hopefully more fulfillment.

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