Makes Cents to Support Local Business

JJBean Store Front on CambieIt thrills me to see the steady expansion of smart local businesses (not to say that I don’t shop at mega international vendors, that tends to be a given). Smart means local coffee shops like JJ Bean, opening their 16th location in March. These businesses often figured out the region’s market formula. Starting off conservatively, these small businesses take just the right amount of time to brew consistent quality products and service while establishing a following before developing further their footprint.

For anyone who isn’t convinced that supporting local business is worth a second thought, check out Michael Salguero’s ( Huffington Post feature on why buying local is worth every cent. BC Stats reveals that small business in BC translates to over 1 million jobs, and almost one third of wages earned in the province. BC also operates the most small businesses per capita in Canada.

Looking to develop your own? Here’s some Canadian inspiration:

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