Summer Reading List 2015: Game-Changing Inspiration

Theressa reading the store map, to locate book sections on the shelves of Powell's Books. On a recent trip to Portland, Oregon, I not-so-accidentally landed in my favorite book shop (more like a department store for bookworms like myself). Most of you are probably thinking, why am I still reading the paper stuff? Though I’ve attempted to read from e-readers and my tablet, a book, to me, just has a different feel to it. I’m neither for, nor against, digital book forms, I can see the necessity for it at times. Personally, I like the substance, the physical volume reminds me to pick it up and not be distracted by the multiple other options surrounding it. My eyes feel less tired reading from paper and my battery is always drained from the use of other applications. I’m not here to preach about books and technology (and by now you may have discovered how much I love tech if you’ve read other posts, but I feel there is a time and place for everything). To each their own.

Sharing some (more to come soon) of my diverse finds from my recent haul, thanks to my beloved Powell’s City of Books and Costco (see Women Studies below), I have added the following to my Summer Reading List. Some are new releases, while others are just worth reading again and again.

  1. Business – Richard Branson’s,”Like a Virgin, Secrets They Won’t Teach You at Business School (2012),” is an eye opening read about his bumpy road to operating successful multi-billion dollar companies.  Branson reveals his unconventional entrepreneurial wisdom in tight to-the-point chapters, ideal for those with short attention spans, or others needing a high-value read while commuting. He also tackles the start-up process (in not so many words) and leadership skills.
  2. Personal Finance – For motivation, simplified tips and plans to reach financial responsibility and success, check out Nicole Lapin’s, “Rich Bitch (2015).”
  3. Spiritual – Seeking further direction for future volunteer contributions, I turned to Deepak Chopra’s collaboration with his son Gotham Chopra, “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Superheroes, Harnessing Our Power to Change the World (2007).” This is a fun and easy read, great gift for comic book buffs. There are examples and illustrations of comic superheroes to facilitate the discovery of a road map to your inner superhero.
  4. Life-Hack – If you have been like me, living under a rock, you may not have had the pleasure of reading Tim Ferriss’, The 4-Hour Work week.’ Highly recommended by so many friends and the New York Times Bestseller List over the years, I finally caved this trip and bought the expanded and updated edition (2009). Ferriss delivers many life hacks for starting up a business and ideas to overhauling routines to optimize time.
  5. Women’s Studies Mika Brzezinkski’s, ” Grow Your Value, Living and Working to Your Full Potential (2015),” is a easily digestible read about women in the work place.

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