Working It Out

pink Everlast boxing gloves laid out on a benchPosting a little less regularly as of late as I have taken time for care giving to family members, self-development and inspiration research so that I may be able to share more here. It has been somewhat of a transformative period, taking new approaches to both professional and personal life. What I have come to see is that where there is adversity there is light. I couldn’t be more grateful for the experiences that I have had to continue to learn and to feel the warmth and support of those closest to me.

That being said, where does this illumination come from? The precise response may be different for everyone and I don’t claim to have the answer. What I can say for myself and my observations is it seems tied to constant curiosity and connection with others and the world around each of us. More profoundly, I think it has to do with cultivating a deeper understanding and appreciation for life. For me where there is curiosity, connection and appreciation, usually creativity isn’t that far away. It seems to me that creativity catalyzes research methods, however informal or formal, to feed curiosity and connection, and only when there is appreciation for the results does one come full circle and finds meaning. Here are six ways that inspire me to rise to challenges and adapt to change.

  1. Yoga and meditation – The ultimate self-management tools, being able to experience “now” and paying attention to the life force of breathing for a moment helps with clarity of mind. When the is mind clear, don’t you find making decisions easier?
  2. Reading and reflection – Active reading also seems to help being in the “now.” Not only is it a great source of entertainment and brain stimulation, is a great way to inspire creativity. According to Creativity Expert, Tanner Christensen, there is a correlation with problem solving, reasoning ability and creativity.
  3. Making it a point to connect with trusted connections – I’m so appreciative to have precious friends and family I can rely upon to be in non-judgemental place where I can share life’s ups and downs. More importantly, it is such an honor that so many more of my friends and relatives find a confidante in me.
  4. Making new connections to share a common goal by joining a social group or cause – self-fulfillment gives me the warm fuzzies, plain and simple. Having received such gifts in life, it’s important to give back. Recently, I had been contributing to program development and blog content for Change Catalyst, an online platform for women entrepreneurs and investors.
  5. Making a meal with loved ones who have had a historical impact on my life. This activity for me is about spending quality time together. It’s also about creating and passing down a relevant legacy.
  6. Staying fit – Boost those endorphins! My favorite workout is a good kickboxing class. I’m committed now that I have my own gloves. It really challenges my core physical strength and endurance. Digging deep to overcome the physical demands of the class is my goal each session, it’s truly an active metaphor for life. I always feel better after a class.

These are my tried and true methods of metamorphosis. What helps inspire you in dynamic times? How do you work through life’s transformative experiences of adversity? What activities or interests inspire you to move forward? Work it out.

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