Hong Kong’s Funniest Comic – Vivek Mahbubani – Part I

Vivek Mahbubani takes ethnic comedy to a whole new level, breaking down social stereotypes with his bilingual humor and global appeal. Delivering punchlines in Cantonese and English, Vivek has earned himself the title of Hong Kong’s Funniest Person. Learn more about Vivek Mahbubani in a recent interview with Theressa Mah. Here is a clip of Vivek’s bilingual sketch:

YouTube Preview Image

Vivek’s Bio

Birthplace: Hong Kong

Age: 28

Siblings: An older sister

Languages: English & Cantonese, a bit of Hindi/Sindhi

Education: BA Degree in Creative Media from City University of Hong Kong

First Job: Freelance web designer and developer

First Stand Up Routine Performed: 2007, for a stand up comedy competition

Other Hidden Talents: Plays the drums for Eve of Sin, a heavy metal band


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