Coffee Connoisseurs Like Siphon Brews

Siphon Coffe MakerMany epiphanies, ideas and posts have been born over a latte or Americano and now I can add siphon coffee to my list of inspirations. Aaron of Kafka’s Coffee and Tea ( on Main St. showed me how serious coffee is made with a siphon while sharing tips and and bit of history for this method.

Also known as a vacpot, vacuum and syphon (siphon) coffee maker, this special brewing apparatus heightens the senses as the rich aroma, body and sweetness of the coffee is elevated with the use of its special filtering system. Black coffee is meant to be savored this way and if you let the coffee sit for a few minutes the natural sweetness can be fully experienced.

Popularized in Europe, in France, Germany and the UK, it was the preferred method of coffee making in the 19th century. The idea traveled to North America and it fell out of fashion at one time, but siphon coffee making is now experiencing a resurgence here and in Japan.

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