Getting Crafty About Party Planning

crafting scissor tape and paperPlanning a party? Where do you begin? Does every occasion need a theme? How do I stay within budget? You’re probably having a migraine just thinking about it. Not to fret, as a communicator who has planned events from the corporate kind to special soirees for my friends, I’ve got 3 creative and simple tips.

1. Keep it simple. Focus on a couple of core elements. Your guests are there mainly to celebrate a special occasion or someone special. Keep the attention on the subject of the celebration. If you have a venue and food arranged, do you think your guests will care that that the flower arrangements aren’t all facing to the left? They probably weren’t expecting a clown either, in fact some over the top elements like this are not always appreciated and can damper a party if not arranged in the taste of the subject.

2. Themes are great if it’s easy and obvious enough to link to the party. When it’s not an option or if you want to keep it neutral, selecting a color palette with a one or two pops of color accessorized by some neutral tones will help in accenting the occasion. I like to use when creating my own palettes. Lately, I’ve come across some inspired color palettes here at Connie’s site, Day Dream in Color for a friend’s birthday brunch.

3. Personalizing adds a special element to any occasion. Ever thought of monograms? It’s my all time favorite gifting idea, try monogramming party favors, food or gifts. For monogram tags and banners I’ve been inspired by Martha Stewart, taking a pair of pinking sheers to cut out shapes around printed fonts.

Most importantly have fun!

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  1. Thomasen wrote:

    Great tips… I’ll keep these in mind for the wedding… got to check out the colour websites – I didn’t even know these kind of sites existed – fabulous!

    Sunday, September 2, 2012 at 9:16 am | Permalink

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