What Have You Done for Your Loved One Lately?

Iris Tulip BouquetMother’s day is upon us in many parts of the world, so it begs the question, what have you done for your mom lately? Or, better yet, what have you done for a loved one lately? Take a moment to think about the joy that the special person in your life, whether it’s your mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, niece, wife, partner, has contributed to your life. And then think about how that joy can be perpetuated if you could make life more joyful, or a little easier, for them. What would that do? How would that look like? How would that affect your life and the lives around that special someone.

And, when it’s said that “it’s the thought that counts” it really is. How much you know of a person and how sensitive you are to a person’s interests is wrapped up in the gift your giving, it’s not actually about the object, rather the symbolism and effort you took to figure it out and actually do something about it. Here are some ideas:

1. Flowers, cliche as they maybe, have you ever met anyone who didn’t like a fresh bouquet? ( Tip: research the symbolic significance of flowers, i.e., poppies and white chrysanthemums are ones to avoid due their links to condolences and sympathy, more on floriography.)

2. A well planned meal, whether it’s one you are cooking yourself or taking her out to celebrate. Check www.allrecipes.com for their Mother’s Day recipe suggestions and urbanspoon for local restaurant recommendations (you can now follow my collection of food posts on urbanspoon too).

3. Pampering her can include a mini-getaway, trip to the spa, chores all being taken care for the weekend and anything in between.

Instead of repeating last years gift idea, mix it up to make it a welcome surprise. Above all continue to make an effort to nurture your relationships with regular communication or gatherings.  Let a special day like Mother’s Day be the start of a new tradition.

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