The Best of Seattle’s Comfort Foods – Where East Meets West

Two names are worth mentioning, for now, if you’re in the mood for culinary variety on your Pacific Northwest journey.

Facing East(東來食府) – Bellevue, WA

Given my spoiled Vancouverite taste buds and high expectations of international cuisine, surprisingly I was able to find some of the best Taiwanese food I’ve tasted on this side of the Pacific. An independent Taiwanese hub in Bellevue, Facing East is the place for authentic comfort foods such as beef onion pancake wraps, spicy minced pork noodles, and beverages like bubble (tapioca pearls) milk tea. My tip for visiting this gem is to arrive early as lineups occur closer to noon and to scout parking in advance, as it is limited.

Facing East Taiwanese Restaurant 東來食府 on Urbanspoon

P.F. Chang’s – Enjoyed in all 204 locations across the US

Most people who crave for “real” Chinese food might not take to the idea of heading to chain restaurants. However, to really enjoy the offerings of P.F.Chiang’s is to understand that their intention was never to offer the menus liken to those in the Chinese seafood restaurants. In the early 1990s, their innovation was to marry American cuisine with Chinese flavours and offer it up to their customer’s in a contemporary bistro setting, one of the first in their dining category. What you end up with is chain that offers a happy fusion. Their menus and specials are updated seasonally and you can always request for special add-ons to give it more of an authentic flare. Take the latest addition to the menu, “chicken grilled salad.” After requesting for rice noodles to be mixed into the salad, you get a well proportioned fusion of east and west. But, if you prefer a chicken salad with a nice kick to it, you could skip the noodles too.

P.F. Chang's China Bistro (Lynnwood) on Urbanspoon

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