Profiling A Non-Profit Buzz Generator

Antonio SmithPassionate about design, events, and social issues, Antonio Smith, found the perfect marriage of creativity and socializing for non-profits in Socializing For Social Change (S4SC) over a year ago. Notable projects he promoted include: Global Music Project, Keep a Breast Canada and Global Health Month in Seattle. Antonio started off his career in Graphic Design in 2003 (which he continues to do from his home in the greater Seattle area) and that eventually evolved to include projects that fulfilled his need to give back through social networking events. His projects and S4SC takes Antonio on the road currently through the Pacific Northwest, but who knows where this world traveler will end up next. I caught up with the jovial entrepreneur and philanthropist recently and uncovered what inspired him to get to where he is today.

TM: Favorite class at the Art Institute, why?
AS: Adobe InDesign, layout was something I always struggled with at the beginning of my schooling but eventually it became something I excelled at.

TM: Favorite food/ restaurant, why?
AS: That’s a good question. I love food. You can give me Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Jamaican food any day of the week. I feel blessed to live near so many food options, I can never pick a favorite.

TM: Who is your hero or role model?
AS: I don’t really have one true hero or role model. I look up to so many people for different reasons. I think I switch up role models every so often to achieve different goals. I always want to be learning something.

TM: What characteristic makes that hero/ role model successful?
AS: I think there are four good characteristics of a good role model, they should be knowledgeable, have confidence, be adaptable, and have charisma.

TM: What makes an entrepreneur successful?
AS: Passion is one word that comes to mind. If you’re not interested in something why should I be. People can tell if you are passionate about something.

TM: What is inspiring to you?
AS: Determination to me is the most inspiring. Anyone who sees a goal and makes it happen, despite pitfalls along the way, usually gets my vote. Everyone loves a good underdog story!

TM: What is the one piece of tech you cannot live without?
AS: My laptop is my life. Whether it’s social media, design, or video editing, I take it everywhere. I don’t know what I would do without it.

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  1. Anthony Brinkley wrote:

    This is a great article. In today world media has taken on a new look and direction. Antonio has moved forward in that direction and placed in his heart to change and help people of special needs. By bringing people together with one mind one goal he believes that can be done. Antonio looks for opportunity to better those of great concern. Antonio, keep pressing towards the mark and be bless.

    Tuesday, September 18, 2012 at 11:31 am | Permalink

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