Self-Reflection Is Just a Breath Away

Reflecting from AmblesideReflection doesn’t have to be a new year’s resolution. Getting into the habit of reflecting, helps clear the mind of the clutter and opens the brain to the reception of new ideas and perspectives. This mind altering state doesn’t have to take much time out of your day, nor does it have to be a struggle.

My yoga teacher, Sarita, once taught me that reflection only requires you to stop for a moment and to breath consciously, inhaling and exhaling deep breaths, taking notice of what surrounds you. Not only is your head cleared of distractions, but you’ll notice less tension in your body too.

I do follow conscious breathing practices when I’m in the shavasna phase of yoga. But, when I just don’t have the time, I will literally just stop and take in the landscape in front of me and really pay attention to what’s there and appreciate all that I’m learning and enjoying in my life. Sometimes, I consciously choose the landscape to absorb  and other times I stumble upon purely organic ventures, like this photo I took this past Sunday on a crisp winter stroll by the water.

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