San Francisco Houses of Kick Starts:

Best place to grab a power meal to go (0r eat in if you have a moment): La Boulange Bakery & Cafe. I was later informed by a San Franciscan that Starbucks had just acquired this locally loved chain and the quality of the goods remains the same thus far (would like to know if it changes otherwise). And like it can be done in old Paris, your coffee is served to you in a bowl. Be prepared for large portions here, those of you who appreciate value for quantity and consistency will like La Boulange. There just over a dozen locations in the San Francisco area at the moment, but rumors of expansion is the word on the street. My visits took me to the Sutter Street and Westfield locations.

La boulange on Urbanspoon

Other legendary caffeine joints includes Peet’s Coffee & Tea: The most local you can get as far as coffee goes, it’s worth a try. You can’t miss it here, if you touch down at the San Francisco International Airport, there there are kiosks and shops throughout the airport. It’s a nice pick-me-up breakfast stop between flights.

Peet’s Coffee & Tea on Urbanspoon

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