Brunching & Lunching in San Francisco

  • Ferry Farmers Market Food Stalls Ferry Farmers Market Food Stalls There are choices that go on for rows. Arriving early in the morning means less lineups.
  • Brisket Taco From Ferry Building Farmers Market Brisket Taco From Ferry Building Farmers Market Flavorful! Softest and most filling brisket taco ever!
  • Brunch Menu at Cafe Divine Brunch Menu at Cafe Divine I quite appreciate the layout and typography on Cafe Divine's menu, but the food is even better.
  • Cafe Divine Cafe Divine Love the old world charm and the juxtaposition of modern art at Cafe Divine.
  • Eggs Benny with Crab Meat Eggs Benny with Crab Meat Loved the way the crab was done here, perfect taste of fresh crab meat and herbs over the hollandaise.
  • Strawberry Waffles Strawberry Waffles They pile on the strawberries at Cafe Divine, great combo with super soft freshly made waffles the size of the plate.

Tourists and San Franciscans alike congregate at the Ferry Building Farmers Market for its famed food stalls (think food trucks at a farmer’s market) where lunch hour lineups snail on to the Embarcardero. Not only will you get to taste this region’s freshest produce and hottest dishes, you may even bump into a local celebratory or two from Bloomberg West (their studios are nearby). To avoid the snailing line-up, do what the office workers do and join the staggered groups who head to these stalls a little earlier, 11:00am to 11:30am. The farmers market is open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays.

A few restaurants with cult followings are located in the North Beach area. I was excited about a famed American cult classic for brunch, Mama’s, but it was the lineup that left my grumbling stomach deciding to try a place a little less researched. Have no fear! The number of excellent restaurants in the neighbourhood will overwhelm your taste buds anyways.

For those of you who like brunch food and Italian cuisine then Cafe Divine, like mine, will also be your stop. It surprised me with a nice sized portion of juicy crab meat on its eggs benny. The artsy European flare of the place brought me back to times when I visited cafes there, but with a nice mix of brunch favorites (strawberries and fresh waffles are tasty here too) and Italian flare. I recommend the Italian fruit flavored sodas, something I miss so much about my travels to Italy.

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