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Organic Inspiration

The perfect marriage of culture, art, and organic inspiration, as a result of passion and resilience. If only we should all be so lucky, right? Louie’s message: have courage, fear of failure is what sets us back from success.

Locally Inspired Home Decor Ideas

Either way you can’t go wrong if you are looking for something different to adorn those drab and bare walls. Lately, I have been scouring seasonal home sales, furniture catalogs and novelty gift stores for home decor ideas. Images of strolls in the Montmartre artists square in the summer inspired me to look into my […]

Seattle’s Secrets Series: One Person’s Germs is Another Person’s Art?

Seeing is believing, so is smelling, as the waft of cotton candy and bubble gum hits the senses long before the wall is in sight. Named one of the germiest attractions in the world, Seattle’s Gum Wall continues to grow inches thick as the theatre’s patrons and passersby add to the growing gum collection in […]

Vancouver Welcomes the Best of Swiss Design

Emily Carr presents the innovative creations of Switzerland’s top designers in the Design Preis Schweiz, Swiss Design Award, exhibition. On its last stop of the world tour featuring 2009 prize winners, the exemplary exhibit showcases the 3 main trademarks of Swiss design: innovation, functionality and quality. A representative of the Swiss Consulate introduced the discussion […]

Eastside Culture Crawl Feature Artist: Keith Weiss

Local Artist Keith Weiss featured his latest series (top left) at Portside Studios (bottom left) in East Vancouver at “the Crawl.” The series is elaborately constructed of overlapping acrylic colors applied on paper and paneling with a varnish gloss. An emerging fine artist, Keith is known for his modern vision based on his background in […]

Celebrating Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University

Having received an invite back to my Alma Mater to celebrate the opening of their new Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology (FCAT) building was truly an honor. As I watched the many new faces of the school make their speeches it brought back memories of convocation. New President, Andrew Petter hosted the ceremonies. Special […]