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A Vancouver Treat – Worth Every Crumb

Despite having to adjust hours and going without supplies for customers on its 2nd level at the beginning, it seems the Last Crumb is paying attention to the needs of its customers and has delivered adjustments in hours and sundries on the second in very short order. Everyone loves a shop that listens to the […]

Simple Homemade Maple Treats

A local friend of mine who has lived abroad for years now returned for a visit recently. In search for familiar comforts to bring back to his home afar, we ended up at the maple aisle at a local grocer. If you are like me, perhaps you’ve forgotten about, or just taken for granted of, […]

Thankful For Having My Cake and Eating It Too: Apple Squares Recipe

I’m thankful for good friends, family, teachers, health, productivity and all good things in life. In honor of the Steve Jobs in this world who have influenced our lives and as a symbol of a bountiful harvest we tend to celebrate around this time of year, sharing these legendary apples squares seems fitting. Tools: 1 […]

Angela-Jane McCleod’s Pastry Passion

Pastry Chef, Angela-Jane McCleod (of Toronto’s trendy Blowfish Restaurant’s acclaim), dropped by Vancouver this week, and I caught up with her to chat about the baked life, while munching on some delectably yummy home made treats. At 21, Angela’s managed to amass an impressive collection of pastry portfolio pieces under her baking black belt. Since […]

Fun & Easy Chocolate Christmas Cupcakes

The holiday months seem to call for a bit of indulgence, so I have chosen chocolate cupcakes to be my signature treat this year. To give it a festive punch I have incorporated the use of stencils. Stencils are easy to use, great for presentation and lower on the calories since stenciling doesn’t require any […]

Banana Bread Goodness in 10 Easy Steps

Over the past couple of years, I have had a natural inclination to nest and to create something to share with family and friends. Enter baking. This may sound funny, but, as it turns out baking is one of those activities that allowed me to decompress at the end of the day. Putting together a […]