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Being Present is a Beautiful Gift

Taking the fundamentals of yoga outside the classroom, I stopped and smelled these beautiful spring blooms while on a recent weekend jaunt around the harbour. I’m glad I did. It was a nice contrast to the usual errand filled routine. Relaxed and more mindful than usual, it allowed me to realign my goals and plans […]

This Milkshake Brings Everyone to Samovar’s Yard

If it doesn’t, it should. For the price of a dessert, their green tea matcha milkshake is the best I have had anywhere, outside of Japan. Pair that with one of Samovar’s snack items or sandwiches while overlooking the beautiful greenery on the terrace and you’ve got yourself the ultimate Samovar experience. The juicy duck […]

Self-Reflection Is Just a Breath Away

Reflection doesn’t have to be a new year’s resolution. Getting into the habit of reflecting, helps clear the mind of the clutter and opens the brain to the reception of new ideas and perspectives. This mind altering state doesn’t have to take much time out of your day, nor does it have to be a […]

Simple Pleasures and Balance

Life is exhilarating, perpetuating and ever-evolving, never boring. Through life’s accomplishments, challenges and other works-in-progress, Connoisseur de la Vie seeks out balance and inspiration through life’s simple pleasures and reflections. I hope to share these ideas and pleasures with creative and curious individuals who have a passion for life and its journey. Let it amuse, […]