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Seattle’s International District: Shopping Under One Roof

For those who like a one-stop-shop experience, the Uwajimaya Village is a centralized shopping centre offering everything from produce and fresh pastries to beauty and electronic items sourced from various parts of Asia, with a majority produced in Japan. The market stocks competitively priced (to those of the prices in Vancouver, BC) products imported from all […]

Commuting in America: 3 Airports 3 Eateries

We’re fabulously fortunate in North America. Despite streamlining of airline services, we ‘re seeing a lot more reasonably priced, yet slightly more sophisticated, dining options than the usual fast food fair in airport terminals. For example, Bellingham’s renovated airport surprises frequent flyers with its fresh breakfast lineup from a local trendy restaurant group, check out […]

The 4 Week Challenge: Discovery & Learning

Discovering our strengths, what comes naturally to us, isn’t always obvious nor is it always prioritized. In week 2 of my cultivation to living better, I’m revisiting a skill that I once developed, but hadn’t been paying much attention to lately. I am a bilingual English and Cantonese speaker, having been exposed to and taught […]

Xiao Lung Bao Quest: A Greater Vancouver Contender

Given the freshness and quality of ingredients for the price point, Shanghai Morning Restaurant of Richmond, BC is a contender for XLB eateries in the west. It mimics more of the authentic experience but with flavours that are subtle with sizable buns enveloping a large portion of soup with every bite. But, I’ll let you […]

Xiao Lung Bao Quest: Vancouver’s Best

Opening its doors in 2012, Shaghai Élan Restaurant (Élan) is situated on the ground level facing the Kingsway thoroughfare of the Crystal Mall in Burnaby, BC . If you like your XLB with a stronger flavour derived from the marinade process, this is precisely what you get with Elan’s dumplings. Indeed, stronger and heavier broths […]

Xiao Lung Bao Quest: Greater Seattle Area’s Best

Seattle, being just a 2 hour drive from Vancouver, was my first stop on my quest for the perfect XLB. From the state’s capital to the Cascades, I did my research and the restaurant that left me feeling most satisfied was definitely Bellevue’s Din Tai Fung. A successful Taiwanese chain of restaurants (Michelin honors in […]

Northern Chinese Restaurants: In Search of the Perfect Xia Long Bao

Recently, I had to resurrect my quest for the perfect Xiao Lung Bao, as I was slightly disappointed with one of my experiences last autumn. This mission, however, would take me through the Pacific Northwest, not just Vancouver. Notably, there have been three establishments that will see (and have seen) my return visits. What you […]

The Best of Seattle’s Comfort Foods – Where East Meets West

Two names are worth mentioning, for now, if you’re in the mood for culinary variety on your Pacific Northwest journey. Facing East(東來食府) – Bellevue, WA Given my spoiled Vancouverite taste buds and high expectations of international cuisine, surprisingly I was able to find some of the best Taiwanese food I’ve tasted on this side of […]

Gung Haggis Fat Choy!

Living in the Pacific Northwest means getting the Chinese New Year festivities started early and sharing the joy of a new spring with a mosaic of cultures. Most notable is a one of a kind multicultural experience, the annual Gung Haggis Fat Choy celebration. Todd Wong, or Toddish McWong as known to the local Scottish […]