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Home Style Finds on a Vintage Walk

Need a little home decor inspiration? If you’re tired of driving from one box furniture store to another, why not take a stroll down a vintage neighbourhood to find ideas and unique pieces that will reflect your personal style and character? Take New Westminster’s Antique Alley, it’s a nice little stroll with a number of […]

TEDx Vancouver 2011 – Events Worth Attending

I missed out on TEDx Vancouver last year, but this year I took the plunge and sent in my application and was so glad I did. For every innovator, creator, change agent, strategist and influencer, I highly recommend it. TEDx draws local ideologists from a multitude of disciplines and backgrounds together to perpetuate the exchange […]

Do You Think It’s A Sign?

I enjoy good design, from elegant couture to stylish furnishings and all kitschy things in between that have character. I love the advent of LCDs and electronic signage too. But, sometimes in order to get to a good core design idea, I have to get back to the basics and that might mean looking at […]

Vancouver Welcomes the Best of Swiss Design

Emily Carr presents the innovative creations of Switzerland’s top designers in the Design Preis Schweiz, Swiss Design Award, exhibition. On its last stop of the world tour featuring 2009 prize winners, the exemplary exhibit showcases the 3 main trademarks of Swiss design: innovation, functionality and quality. A representative of the Swiss Consulate introduced the discussion […]

Eastside Culture Crawl Feature Artist: Keith Weiss

Local Artist Keith Weiss featured his latest series (top left) at Portside Studios (bottom left) in East Vancouver at “the Crawl.” The series is elaborately constructed of overlapping acrylic colors applied on paper and paneling with a varnish gloss. An emerging fine artist, Keith is known for his modern vision based on his background in […]