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Love & Inspiration From the Geriatric Wing

While at the ER tonight with my elderly godparents, I couldn’t help but admire their zest for life, love (of the unspoken kind, actions not words) and principals, despite my godfather experiencing heart failure, fluid in his lungs and swelling from torso to toes. His role was ever the traditional protector and provider and he […]

Lessons We Can Learn from Great Organizations: Disrupting the Family

I spend a lot of late nights cultivating relationships with family and friends. Like any another evening, I was speaking to a close confidante, Peter (Pseudonym), about his issues in relating. He yearns to have a good relationship with his extended family members, but he’s not sure if it’s possible. He’s also afraid of rejection […]

This One’s for the Champions: Caring for the Caregivers

Being a caregiver is a privilege and challenge. Usually, by way of natural selection in most groups of families or friends its due to your record of relative reliability, strong emotional quotient and innate sense of responsibility. This world could not go around without the caregivers in the world and I applaud all of you […]

A Vancouver Treat – Worth Every Crumb

Despite having to adjust hours and going without supplies for customers on its 2nd level at the beginning, it seems the Last Crumb is paying attention to the needs of its customers and has delivered adjustments in hours and sundries on the second in very short order. Everyone loves a shop that listens to the […]

Leung Trio Holiday Session

A long running tradition in the family is that we celebrate the holidays with my uncle’s family and friends. In our younger years we would listen to my cousins play their musical instruments after the holiday feast, followed by competitive board and card games (extremely exciting by the way). In the past few years, however, […]

West Coast Law Enforcement Memorabilia Show

Constable Mah (Event Organizer) and law enforcement insignia exhibitors gathered at Burnaby’s Shadbolt Centre for the Arts for the inaugural West Coast Law Enforcement Memorabilia Show in the Greater Vancouver Area. Enforcement officers and collectors from as far as Washington State and Alberta attended this day long event.