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International Women’s Day and Beyond

Industrialization was a catalyst in the evolution of social change for women. Ever since post World War I, International Women’s Day is celebrated every March, on the 8th. These days the whole of March is designated to celebrating women’s achievements and to bring awareness to supporting women in need of it. But, just because we’re […]

4 Items to Help Jump Start Your New Year

As you one year passes by and another approaches, are you figuring out where the time went? Or, are you thinking about goals to work towards in the new year? Here are a few go-to items you can use to plan and organize. Calendar 1: I use Excel or post-it notes, but any simple chart […]

Thank You 2011 – Welcome 2012!

Descending from the highs of Vancouver 2010, 2011 was an unexpected year of equally exciting moments in food, travel, events, media and all things inspiring. Some moments were influenced by world changing occurrences while others were grown locally here in my own kitchen. Here are the top 5 categories of posts viewed by many of […]

TEDx Vancouver 2011 – Events Worth Attending

I missed out on TEDx Vancouver last year, but this year I took the plunge and sent in my application and was so glad I did. For every innovator, creator, change agent, strategist and influencer, I highly recommend it. TEDx draws local ideologists from a multitude of disciplines and backgrounds together to perpetuate the exchange […]

Inside the Mind of Tech’s Youngest Entrepreneur

Brian Wong graduated from the University of British Columbia, moved to San Francisco to work for Diig and secured $4million to launch Kiip all before the age of 20. In the US Kiip is already capturing the attention of mobile game players on their smart phones with their game achievement ad rewards. Users scoring game […]

Daylight Saving Time Reminds You to be Prepared

Are you prepared if an earthquake hits? Recent disasters along the Ring of Fire had me thinking about emergency evacuation plans and potential disasters closer to home and for travelers. Some common sense tips could help in the wake of an emergency. If you time your evaluation for emergency evacuation plans and supplies (from smoke […]