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Working It Out

Posting a little less regularly as of late as I have taken time for care giving to family members, self-development and inspiration research so that I may be able to share more here. It has been somewhat of a transformative period, taking new approaches to both professional and personal life. What I have come to […]

What I Learned From Oprah

“I know many of you grew up with me! Some of you started watching when you were 10 with your mothers and now some of you are mothers yourself (laughingly, Oprah mentioned that this was an indicator for her to stop doing the Oprah show, which aired as the top rated daytime talk show for […]

Beautiful Backyard Walks of Vancouver

Tourist in your Own city You don’t have to be a hiker to enjoy the beauty of the city, that’s the best part. No equipment required, except a camera for all those beautiful photos you’ll want to take of Van city’s best landscapes. Often people take what is in their backyard for granted. Yet, hundreds […]

Thank You 2011 – Welcome 2012!

Descending from the highs of Vancouver 2010, 2011 was an unexpected year of equally exciting moments in food, travel, events, media and all things inspiring. Some moments were influenced by world changing occurrences while others were grown locally here in my own kitchen. Here are the top 5 categories of posts viewed by many of […]

Before I Die Wall Installation Lives On

Public Installation Artist, Urban Planner, Co-Founder of New Orlean’s Civic Centre and TED Senior Fellow, Candy Chang, happily announced the extension of the display of her buzz-worthy urban design installation this month. Slated to be demolished in April, the project made use of an abandoned house (900 Marigny Street) to communicate Chang’s message of humanity […]