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Summer Reading List 2015: Game-Changing Inspiration

On a recent trip to Portland, Oregon, I not-so-accidentally landed in my favorite book shop (more like a department store for bookworms like myself). Most of you are probably thinking, why am I still reading the paper stuff? Though I’ve attempted to read from e-readers and my tablet, a book, to me, just has a […]

Fall Reading List 2014 – The Humble Side of Leadership

At the tale (pun intended) end of summer I was asked to take on a lead volunteer role. Unbeknownst to me, I had just cracked open an inspiring read on leadership (please see below for more). Crazy coincidence? Or, is this the world’s way of sending me a message? Who knows. Either way this leads me […]

The 4 Week Challenge: Discovery & Learning

Discovering our strengths, what comes naturally to us, isn’t always obvious nor is it always prioritized. In week 2 of my cultivation to living better, I’m revisiting a skill that I once developed, but hadn’t been paying much attention to lately. I am a bilingual English and Cantonese speaker, having been exposed to and taught […]

Five Star Meals by Culinary Masters in the Making

Do you enjoy cooking? Or, watching someone cook? Perhaps, you like tasting the best? You can do just that at Vancouver Culinaria Restaurant. Where students recreate their master dishes for your tasting pleasure. This borscht for example was a unique blend of fresh ingredients, innovative preparation and flavorful flare. A borscht, that was tangy, packing […]