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Love & Inspiration From the Geriatric Wing

While at the ER tonight with my elderly godparents, I couldn’t help but admire their zest for life, love (of the unspoken kind, actions not words) and principals, despite my godfather experiencing heart failure, fluid in his lungs and swelling from torso to toes. His role was ever the traditional protector and provider and he […]

A Holiday Greeting | A Note of Thanks

How was your 2013? Give yourself a moment to reflect up on it. Whether it’s changes at work, with relationships or with your health and well-being, my hope is that you are able to appreciate who you are and the people and things that bring you peace, joy, love and teach you life’s lessons. On […]

The Connection Factor

Have you ever had the best intentions of helping someone only to realize that your contribution wasn’t so helpful? But, in the process you and the person you were trying to help learned more than you imagined you would? Having failed miserably as a wing woman over the Chinese New Year, I realized the power […]

Valentine’s Day – Something For Everyone

For those with a special someone in mind for a romantic gesture on cupid’s day, hopefully you have picked up a box of chocolates, submitted flower orders and/or made reservations already. If not, you could be panicking very soon unless of course you are highly creative. For singles, don’t fret, you have just as much […]

Eat Pray Love – One Woman and Her Journeys

The adaptation to Elizabeth Gilbert’s journey was well done, considering the 2 hour and 2o minute time limit. The book is always going to be more intricately detailed, especially since the character herself is a professional writer, so don’t expect the same depth. However, I felt the “Pray” part of the film was most profound […]