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Seattle’s International District: Shopping Under One Roof

For those who like a one-stop-shop experience, the Uwajimaya Village is a centralized shopping centre offering everything from produce and fresh pastries to beauty and electronic items sourced from various parts of Asia, with a majority produced in Japan. The market stocks competitively priced (to those of the prices in Vancouver, BC) products imported from all […]

Seattle’s International District: The Best Roll Here

Deep in the bowels of Seattle’s International District on South Jackson Street, amidst one of many Asian strip malls, I discovered the Tamarind Tree. It’s a Vietnamese restaurant that locals recommend and frequent, as evident with lineups at 1:30pm on a Saturday afternoon. I order the standard from every Vietnamese menu, spring rolls and some […]

Dinner Spotting in San Francisco: A Bowl of Comfort

On my last journey to San Francisco, the flight landed in time for supper. Feeling the need for some reliable comfort food after days of travel, I headed to Japantown, partner in tow, to explore the very popular Suzu Noodle House. It did not disappoint and certainly lived up to expectations of freshness and flavour. […]

Northern Chinese Restaurants: In Search of the Perfect Xia Long Bao

Recently, I had to resurrect my quest for the perfect Xiao Lung Bao, as I was slightly disappointed with one of my experiences last autumn. This mission, however, would take me through the Pacific Northwest, not just Vancouver. Notably, there have been three establishments that will see (and have seen) my return visits. What you […]

Pearl of the Orient Exhibit Tantalizes Lego Lovers and World Travelers

It’s almost a nostalgic feel when viewing the show home of a typical Hong Kong 60s flat and the glass cases of models, displaying everything from food carts to  dolls dressed in the evolving Cathay Pacific uniforms. Photographers will enjoy black and white images of a bygone era reflecting Hong Kong culture and times. While […]

Favorite Spring Snapshots of Seattle


Spring Inspirations

For the mind, body and spirit, I share with you five sources of inspiration that I have discovered/rediscovered recently: 1. Compassion and commerce – Karen Armstrong – how business leaders can create and empower a culture of understanding, despite differences, that not only supports their own livelihood, but can uphold the dominoes that make up […]

Chinese New Year Is All About the Food

Why just enjoy the traditional Chinese cuisine during the Chinese New Year when you can experience a much celebrated multicultural feast? Korean supermarket chain, HMart, celebrates its 4th store’s grand opening at Aberdeen Centre in Richmond just in time to ring the year of the dragon. While those celebrating an infusion of the new year […]

Organic Inspiration

The perfect marriage of culture, art, and organic inspiration, as a result of passion and resilience. If only we should all be so lucky, right? Louie’s message: have courage, fear of failure is what sets us back from success.

Good Art Direction Goes a Long Way in Storytelling

Great examples of Direction and Art Direction in a video are found in Gustav Johansson and Albin Holmqvist’s brilliant series for EF Languages. http://vimeo.com/18967093 Storytelling is paramount in brand building. http://vimeo.com/18969157 In my case, I should start thinking about those DELF 4 courses right about now and London is calling my name for a vacation […]