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Beyond the Gold Star Gesture: Recognition & Acknowledgement

My experience as a longtime volunteer to a variety of social and non-profit organizations got me thinking about how leaders rewards its teammates to encourage and develop organizational culture. In a recent dual role as volunteer board member and team leader for an industry association, I made it a point to note the interests and reasons […]

Mapping the Road Ahead

From 2010, I’ve started each year with a rough personal plan on paper, a starting point if you will. I utilized a tool often used in project planning, some know it as mind mapping others know it as road mapping, but instead of diagrams, I combined it with sticky notes. Sticky notes makes sense for […]

4 Items to Help Jump Start Your New Year

As you one year passes by and another approaches, are you figuring out where the time went? Or, are you thinking about goals to work towards in the new year? Here are a few go-to items you can use to plan and organize. Calendar 1: I use Excel or post-it notes, but any simple chart […]

From Packing Challenged to Packing Expert

Laughed and gawked at by professional travelers in my circle, I’m guilty for being the one who packs two suitcases and ends up with three returning from a 4 day trip, so this is no small feat for me. With the latest luggage regulations, I’ll just have to learn to cut back (sorry guys, souvenirs […]

My Organized Self

In a matter of a couple of somewhat scheduled weeks, trip planning and weather that can’t make up its mind I’ve ended up sprawling my wardrobe into my living space. I know it’s hard to believe considering I’m so compartmentally conscious. To get myself started on the road to organizational recovery I’ve scoured the internet […]