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A Holiday Greeting | A Note of Thanks

How was your 2013? Give yourself a moment to reflect up on it. Whether it’s changes at work, with relationships or with your health and well-being, my hope is that you are able to appreciate who you are and the people and things that bring you peace, joy, love and teach you life’s lessons. On […]

Creative Collaboration Featuring Antonio CD Smith

The best creativity is sparked by curiosity, conversation and good food. That’s precisely how the latest creative collaboration began with Seattle’s Antonio CD Smith, pulling out his vision and photographer’s eye for me and connoisseurdelavie.com. A dinner at my latest foodie find (post to come soon) coupled with a Q&A about branding (post on what […]

The Connoisseur’s Fall Reading List 2013

Dare I say the dreaded word, but the changing colors of falling leaves don’t lie, autumn is here. With chillier evenings and rainier days to come, the perfect way to spend time indoors is curled up with a good read (whether you enjoy paper or paperless copies, though I encourage you to pay it forward […]

Home Style Finds on a Vintage Walk

Need a little home decor inspiration? If you’re tired of driving from one box furniture store to another, why not take a stroll down a vintage neighbourhood to find ideas and unique pieces that will reflect your personal style and character? Take New Westminster’s Antique Alley, it’s a nice little stroll with a number of […]

The Connoisseur’s Fall Reading List

I may be one of the last dinosaurs around who enjoys the smell of freshly delivered journals and hardcover books, remember those? I can’t but help appreciate the tangible labours of love that writers spent their lives to create. And while I use iPads, I still feel most comfortable curled up on the sofa with […]

Autumn Transition: Recycle, Repurpose and Resell

As I recently tweeted, there’s no denying that autumn is here. Transitioning my wardrobe from storage to closet space, semi-annually, has been my latest project. As a result, I’ve finally let go of clothes that I’ve hung on to for the past decade and more recent, cute-at-the-time, items that just no longer fit my lifestyle. […]

Fall/Winter 2012/2013 Style Notes

It seems the summer got away from the west coast, and yes I have already been curating fall wardrobe obsessions already. For the style conscious, more international options can be expected. Also, see how beauty gets social and a retro favorite trends again this fall, time to dig through your closets for those tartan favorites. […]

Favorite Spring Snapshots of Seattle


New Retailers Blooming In Vancouver This Spring

Tired of border lineups for some of your favorite chain store finds? Though, I encourage supporting local retail and design, at some point or another we’re all tempted by the deals and diverse styles of international brands. Given this notion, you might save some time checking out some of these fine retailers in town this […]

Spring Inspirations

For the mind, body and spirit, I share with you five sources of inspiration that I have discovered/rediscovered recently: 1. Compassion and commerce – Karen Armstrong – how business leaders can create and empower a culture of understanding, despite differences, that not only supports their own livelihood, but can uphold the dominoes that make up […]