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Summer Reading List 2015: Game-Changing Inspiration

On a recent trip to Portland, Oregon, I not-so-accidentally landed in my favorite book shop (more like a department store for bookworms like myself). Most of you are probably thinking, why am I still reading the paper stuff? Though I’ve attempted to read from e-readers and my tablet, a book, to me, just has a […]

International Women’s Day and Beyond

Industrialization was a catalyst in the evolution of social change for women. Ever since post World War I, International Women’s Day is celebrated every March, on the 8th. These days the whole of March is designated to celebrating women’s achievements and to bring awareness to supporting women in need of it. But, just because we’re […]

4 Week Challenge: Clear the Clutter & Simplify

Do you find obstacles in your everyday life overwhelming, random things that should be in storage or dead weight in luggage you’ve hauled but haven’t used? If you have, then you’ll understand this seamless challenge; clear life of its clutter and breath, as one would do in yoga class. To create positive karma purge all […]

The 4 Week Challenge: Volunteerism & Community

Putting thoughts and words to action is what volunteering is about, it’s a way to uplift a community, a chance to become part of a solution. From April 21st to April 27th, Canadians across the country are celebrating National Volunteer Week (NWW). Volunteering should be fun and be a way to contribute to professional development, […]