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The Upside of Being Thrown in the Deep End

Be it a job or a favor, have you ever felt you’ve not understood all there is to an opportunity before committing to it? Perhaps you were distracted by the proverbial dangling of the carrot, be it the payoff or benefits. Or, maybe, you thought you were being of service to a friend. Then, only […]

Meeting Optimization & the Unmeeting

There isn’t a manager I haven’t met who hasn’t rolled their eyes at the mention of scheduling a “meeting,” from time to time. Some are essential and others not so much. How does one optimize meetings then (more tips from some of the world’s productive people as found at fast company.com)? Ask yourself next time […]

Accessible Space for Writers & Artists: A Blumin Idea

What was first a solution to a group of writers’ dreams for affordable and creative work space, Blumin Warehouse has evolved from pop-up shop (local art) and writer’s workshop to co-working space for local writers. Learn more about their new work space location and their latest events on Facebook www.facebook.com/BluminWarehouse. Here’s my interview with co-founder, […]

Thank You 2011 – Welcome 2012!

Descending from the highs of Vancouver 2010, 2011 was an unexpected year of equally exciting moments in food, travel, events, media and all things inspiring. Some moments were influenced by world changing occurrences while others were grown locally here in my own kitchen. Here are the top 5 categories of posts viewed by many of […]

Inside the Mind of Tech’s Youngest Entrepreneur

Brian Wong graduated from the University of British Columbia, moved to San Francisco to work for Diig and secured $4million to launch Kiip all before the age of 20. In the US Kiip is already capturing the attention of mobile game players on their smart phones with their game achievement ad rewards. Users scoring game […]

Anthropologie Soon to Inspire Wardrobes in Vancouver

Fans of the brand can cease their trips down south or to Calgary (okay, maybe just one less shop to hit up) and suspend their clicks. The Granville Business Improvement Association confirms that Anthropolgie (Urban Outfitter’s sister brand) is set to open its doors at 2912 South Granville this Spring. The corporate Web site tipped […]

How Low-Tech Tools Shape High-Tech Results

It’s no big secret, I am a fan of sticky notes. Many colleagues and friends have noted my intense passion for this low-tech tool, as my work space is constantly decorated with brightly colored messages. I have been asked why it is that I would need these seemingly insignificant bits of paper when I have […]